2018-2019, at the Faculté des Sciences et Techniques in Université de Haute Alsace :

  • Basis of C++ programmation, third-year licence
  • Oriented-object C++ programming, third year licence
  • Networks/communication between systems, 1st year Masters

2017-2018, at the engineering school Télécom SudParis, 1st year – eq. 3rd year license:

  • Git introductory courses
  • Statistics and data analysis

2015-2017, at the engineering school Télécom Physique Strasbourg, first and second year (eq. third year license/1st year master):

  • Signal processing (second year)
  • Statistics (second year)
  • Random processes (first year)
  • Numerical analysis (first year)
  • Matlab introductory courses (first year)